McDaniel 2010 Powerlifting Support -- 02/27/10 THSWPA/THSPA

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McDaniel 2010 Powerlifting Support -- 02/27/10 THSWPA/THSPA

Post  Mike McDaniel on Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:32 pm

With advance approval of the APF EC, I judged a THSPA/THSWPA (Texas High-School) meet 02/27 at Westbrook High School in Beaumont, Texas. It was a 5 platform meet, and the last qualifying date before Regionals, so all judges were required to be THSPA and/or THSWPA certified (Beverly and I have been 20+ years). The meet host/powerlifting coach for the school is Norman Abshire. He's been involved in the sport for many years, does a great job with the kids, and is a blast to work with. He intends for the 3rd consecutive year to bring full teams to Garry Franks' APF High School Nationals. Two other schools that lifted at this high-school invitational meet also plan to bring teams to APF High School Nationals. Mike Denmon (another WPC judge from our area) helps significantly in scheduling judges for the high-school meets in our area. He and some other local APF lifters worked their tails off loading/spotting, setting suits, wrapping knees, and putting on bench shirts. The THSPA and THSWPA aren't affiliated with any open powerlifting federation. Quite a few APF/WPC folks helping in this one is just because there's a strong presence of our lifters locally. Elsewhere in the state other federations work just as hard to help the young lifters. Judging was per their rulebooks.

With the interest expressed by a number of lifters last year as to what I do in support of the sport, as with the Lenexa update just wanted to share this one too.

This Saturday 03/27 Beverly and I are heading to Baton Rouge, La. to judge at APF Louisiana State. I'll post afterwards.

Best to all,
mike mcd

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