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Post  Steve Tamerius on Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:38 pm

Is there any chance on God's green earth that the 2010 Worlds in Finland will be held in late October or early November instead of the week before Thanksgiving like it has the last couple of years? I got an invitation (as did others I know) but decided not to go because the timing was so close to the holiday. I would have ended up traveling twice within a fews days, one across the Atlantic for the meet, the other from the West Coast to the midwest for Thanksgiving. Plus, there will be still more traveling three weeks later for Christmas. That's three trips within seven weeks!

When it comes to lifting in a meet (even if it IS the Worlds) or being with family for Thanksgiving, family always wins out.

At least if the Worlds fell a little earlier in the calendar, it might be possible for a few more of us from the U.S. to attend.

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