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2014 WPC AGM Agenda – West Palm Beach Florida
All issues will be voted on via email – FINAL RESULTS

Only countries that dues are paid and in good standing may vote

Review of 2013 Minutes

1. FINLAND/USA: Proposal to deny WPC International sanctions within 30 days of the WPC Worlds YES

2. USA: Qualification for worlds age group, athlete competes in the age group qualified in.
YES Only if there is not already 3 athletes in the age/weight class at time of meet

3. Eliminate the rule to make gear a requirement in the EQ division – it is no benefit to the lifter without gear YES

4. Allow Submaster category at worlds NO

5. The Forza bench does not meet the standards per rule book, however it has been used many times in our Federation the height of a new bench is 45.72 cm, which exceeds the max. height by appox. .75 cm. propose to increase the max. height of our bench requirement to 46 cm. YES

6. - Elimination of the morning of weigh-in for National / World Meet, discussion of making it optional for local meets. Add an additional mandatory 12-hour / evening weigh-in in its place. Rationale--it would allow meet directors to completely be fully prepared the evening before with flights going into the next morning, allowing lifters to be fully ready the next day. I would believe this especially to be important at the bigger meets

7. Approve the use of the special 30kg / 8.5' squat bar. Rationale--with some of the bigger weights being moved, the larger bar is more stable, and also has longer bar shafts which allow for more room for spotters to grab the bar itself. YES

8. - Approve the use of the special 22.5kg / longer bench bar. Rationale--as with above, the bar is more stable with the bigger weights being moved, and the longer bar shafts allow more room on the bar for spotting. YES

Reminder: The next item is the use of straps/chains in local, National or World meets. This began a few years ago in the gyms mostly due to lack of spotter or lack of confidence in them. It has worked its way into the meets with no approval to do so. I think we address this once before but do not believe the message was spread to State Chairs and to the locals holding the meets. Chains and straps are not permitted.

Reminder - Dress Code for Judges: Denim jeans, shorts and t-shirts should not be worn

9. Make mandatory in order to set or break a record lifter cannot take token lifts

10. WPC, AWPC & Euro’s Platform equipment mandatory safety bench.

11. RUSSIA: Suggests World Cup has the country name in the title, i.e World Cup of Russia NO

12. Azerbaijan bids for 2017 Worlds YES
Russia bids for 2017 Worlds NO

13. Add a disabled bench press division YES

Countries voted: USA, Russia, Canada, Georgia, Gt Britain, Brazil, France, Ireland, Colombia, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland


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