My meet results: APF La. (Single Ply)

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My meet results: APF La. (Single Ply)

Post  Buddy McKee on Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:10 pm

Hey guys! Sept. 12th meet report.

I had a good meet! Not every lift I wanted to make and missed 2 of the all time records (over 50) I wanted, but still very good! I won the single ply division of the APF La. Open Championships at 275s (weighed 269). I also lifted as a Master and won Best lifter Master's.I squatted 804 (#9 on the PL Watch lifter Rankings). I tried to break Ernie Frantz's all-time >50 single ply squat record from the USPF in 1990 of 826. I tried 832 but couldn't come out of the whole with it. If I researched it right, I opened with the all-time best >50 full meet bench in single ply with 529 lbs. Collin Bonneau had the previous best at 519 in the IPF. I tried 573 twice but missed it both times. The 529 is #36 on the PL Watch ranking. I pulled 573 easily on my 3rd pull after loosing my grip and dropping the same weight as I was locking out on the second attempt. Both went up real fast in the Velocity Suit. I wished I had another attempt! I totaled 1906 at 53 Y.O. in single ply and I'm pretty happy with that. I wanted Ernie's squat (826) and total record (2000.5), but on a 5/9 day it wasn't going to happen. I think they are within my reach though. All in all I had a good meet, and as usual Garry ran a great meet. I lifted in Titan's Super Centurion Squat Suit, Centurion Briefs, closed back Katana Shirt, and the new Titan Velocity Deadlift Suit.

On a side note, Jordan Dunn at 18 Y.O. did the single ply 165s and totaled 1802!!! 98 lbs. higher than the previous best open 165 single ply total this year! I believe his squat was 749 and he walked it out. He already had the #1 squat this year with 677. He was in all Titan gear also. Jordan won Best Light Weight Open Lifter. He is the next 'Great one'!

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Re: My meet results: APF La. (Single Ply)

Post  Eric Stone on Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:22 am

Nice job Buddy.

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