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Post  Mike Sweeney on Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:36 pm

The APF is going in a new and exciting direction!! But first let me bring you up to speed on a few things. Some of you might have heard that our APF President Garry Frank has successfully created an APF High School Nationals. Something Ernie, then myself have been trying to create for years, but never was very successful. Garry really was the only one who had the resources/connections/coaching experience to make this happen. It's truly his baby. His first contest had 188 H.S. lifters, and then 260 H.S. lifters in the second, we couldn't be happier with how this going. In 2010 it look likes a 3rd platform will be needed. Were expecting over 300 kids in 2010!!

The one thing that is slightly different with the supportive gear in our H.S. Nationals than other APF meets, is that only single ply gear is allowed. We feel single ply is totally in line with what teen lifters should be wearing, and that for teens to properly develop using jacked up gear does more harm than good. During the last 2 years when I have been at the APF H.S. Nationals some coaches/parents have suggested, that the APF should have single ply competition for Men/Women just like H.S. Nationals. A few of them felt some of these youngsters would continue lifting after H.S. if there was a lifter friendly organization, that had single ply gear which H.S. lifters are already familiar with. That maybe some Open lifters who lift single ply in other feds might switch over. Word has it these other single ply feds are overly anal with the bench shirt rules, and many lifters are getting sick of it. I politely said I'd think about it?

Well I have thought about it long/hard? Talked it over with Garry, and the time is now!! The APF will be having the it's first APF Nationals with single ply gear only April 17-th & 18-th in Orlando FL, at the Europa Expo. I will be hosting it. It will be APF rules, and a monolift will be used too, but if you prefer walking back with the weight it's your decision. Single ply squat suits with old school underwear briefs no more than 4 inches from top of groin can be worn. Only a closed back single ply bench shirts will be allowed. Lifters will be permitted to touch their stomachs with the bar. There will be strict equipment checks too. Plus we will only have Open/Master classes, but the Master classes will have larger age spreads. We are still deciding on how break up the Master classes, and whether or not we will have bench only? More info soon.

Kieran Kidder, WPC Owner.

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