APF Meets in Minnesota this year? Jerry Gnerre?

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APF Meets in Minnesota this year? Jerry Gnerre?

Post  Anthony_Carlquist on Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:53 pm

I was just curious if anyone knows if there will be any upcoming APF meets in Minneapolis this year? I know Jerry had problems in the past with health so he had to sit out last year. I was curious if the he is going to come back and put some more on? I have e-mailed him but I noticed he has posted on a few times in the past so maybe I"d have more success reaching him on here.

I dunno maybe he might have upset some people by helping out a friend in setting up another sanctions fed but at least he was trying to keep multiply lifting alive up in here. Minnesota seems like it is single ply country. I'd like to go lift and show there are some strong APF lifters in this part up here. All my lifting has been far away meets.

YOu think with a meet a little closer I might throw up some crazier numbers because I"d have to worry about less traveling.


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