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2012 Worlds- squatting Empty 2012 Worlds- squatting

Post  jss on Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:34 pm

Having participated in the Outlaws discussion on this topic, I thought I really ought to make my thoughts known here, even though nobody ever uses this forum.

My own experience with the flexy monolift and slippery carpet turned out OK, although there is no doubt in my mind that the attempt I missed would have gone fine in a traditional mono. It seemed to me that the heavier the lift, the worse the problem was, and the 1000-lb guys were totally screwed.. The flex in the mono made it impossible to get a good setup. You had to just try the best you could to find balance, unrack, hope your unsteady setup would be OK, and go for it.

It was crazy to ask people to perform on equipment that was so dramatically different from the equipment they used for warmup. (Sure, sometimes you have a regular bar in the warmup room and a deadlift bar on the platform.... this wasn't just a slight equipment variation. The difference was HUGE) If the screwy monolifts had been available in the warmup room, the hour or less of warmup time might not have made us experts on using the "platform" monos, but it would have given us a fighting chance.

Metal makes good stuff. But not this time. If it is true that these monolifts were prototypes, I am very angry that WPC used its lifters as unknowing and involuntary product testers. I know of one person for sure who was injured, and we were all just lucky that nobody was killed. People putting themselves under huge amounts of weight should at least have the assurance that the equipment is tested. They should also have an opportunity to LEARN HOW TO USE IT.

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