12-10-11 APF/AAPF Alabama Meet Highlights

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12-10-11 APF/AAPF Alabama Meet Highlights Empty 12-10-11 APF/AAPF Alabama Meet Highlights

Post  Buddy McKee on Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:03 pm

12-10-11 APF/AAPF Alabama Meet Highlights
We had a great time and a great meet! The new venue worked out very well! Thank you to everyone at the Comfort Suites in Gadsden! Sponsor Titan Supports Systems and Anderson Powerlifting were awesome to us givings us new gear for Best Lifters (Titan) which included a single ply F6 or Fury bench shirt, a Super Centurion squat suit, a Velocity deadlift suit, THP wrist wraps, and Max RPM knee wraps; and 2 Titan Rams (Ken Anderson) to raffle. Budweiser also gave us a bunch of T-shirts for the raffle too!

The spotting crew did their usual awesome job and made several great catches on both squats and benches! Most of these guys have worked together for several years now. I'd planned on doing the announcing again but one of our planned judges couldn't get his flight so I judged instead. We found a new talent on the Monster Barbell crew in Glenn Mardis, our new master's lifter who had to sit out the meet with an adductor injury. He didn't hesitate to do the announcing even though this was the 1st live meet he'd ever seen! He did a great job! He and Pam kept the score table moving along very well.

We had 27 lifters from ages 10 to 62. I'm always glad to see a good number of young lifters at meets. They are the future of the sport! Here are some of the highlights:

Monster Barbell's 14 Y.O. 123 lifter Christian Blackmon started things off with a 242 lb. squat, then got a solid 148 3rd attempt BP. He then went 3 for 3 on the deadlift ending with a very nice 303 lb. PR; and wishing he had another attempt! Three Hardcore Barbell lifters from Baton Rouge, La. put on a clinic in intensity and brute power! 20 Y.O. Jonathan Collier forwent the Jr. division to compete open 198's. Powerfully built, he appears born to powerlift! He squtted an impressive 727, benched 551 and pulled 556 for an 1835 total and 1st place. 308er Greg Theriot, weighing in at 289 lbs.; squatted a big 1003 lbs., then benched 705 and pulled 755 to total 2463 lbs! Hardcore team-mate John Ewing charged the platform each lift like a huge Congo Gorilla weighing in at 331 lbs. His intensity made him a big hit with the crowd! Big John squatted 1025, then benched a monsterous 832! He finished his Best Lifter winning night with a 705 lb. deadlift and total of 2562! 181 class raw lifter Tim Milar took Best raw lifter with a 1218 total. In raw bench only big Curtis Dennis opened with a very easy 468 lbs. Then he pushed up almost as easy with 501 but got reds for sinking the bar after the press call. Still very impressive display of strength! He took 1st at SHW. Gold's Gym's "Cowboy" Emory Burns at age 62 pulled 462 and JUST missed 501 at 220s in the deadlift only. Megian Menear at 97 lb. wt. class was Best Deadlifter with a 236 lb. pull. Best lifter male deadlift was "Mighty Might" Hayden Spradlin of Tn. He is only 10 years old and weighed in at 68 lbs.! He pulled an incredible over 3.2 times bodyweight deadlift of 209 lbs.! This little big man has as intense of a game face as I've seen and has awesome technique on both bench and deadlift! His dad, Ron Spradlin; also competes with him. At Masters 55-59 and 220s, the 59 Y.O. Ron won his class in bench only with a 358 lb. press. The crowd loved seeing these two compete together and support each other! It was awesome! Jason Lawson, weighing 281 in the 308 class bench only; won Best Lifter equipped B.O. with a press of 733 lbs. There was a lot of other great lifts but these were some of the highlight. Hardcore Barbell took the Best Team Katana sword from Titan Supports System. Gold's Gym and Monster Barbell also fielded teams.

I want to thank all the team members of Monster Barbell and our wives and girlfriends who worked to make the meet happen, especially Tim Teal, Johnny Thrasher, and Christian Blackmon; even though they also lifted and/or judged in the meet. And thanks for maybe the gutsiest move of the meet; Glenn Mardis taking the announcing job last minute in the 1st meet he'd ever seen...and doing a great job! Judges were Garry Frank (head), Tim Teal and Buddy McKee (sides). Thanks to Titan Support Systems and Anderson Powerlifting for sponsorship and again, THANKS; to the spotting crew from Gold's Gym for keeping everybody safe and the platform moving smoothly for the 7th year in a row!

We will be back at the Comfort Suites next year and will announce the date later!

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