2010 WPC Raw Worlds - Idaho Falls

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2010 WPC Raw Worlds - Idaho Falls Empty 2010 WPC Raw Worlds - Idaho Falls

Post  ptc on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:15 am

I took over 100 videos at the recent WPC Raw Worlds. I have started uploading them, will take a while.

You can view them here, please keep checking back as I upload more





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2010 WPC Raw Worlds - Idaho Falls Empty Re: 2010 WPC Raw Worlds - Idaho Falls

Post  ptc on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:07 am


Most of you will already know that Max and I have just returned from Idaho Falls, Idaho, where we went to compete at the WPC Raw World Powerlifting Championships. From the picture above, you can tell Max won a Gold Medal, as well as the Best Teen Lifter award.

First off, I want to thank some people that made this trip possible for us. In no particular order.

Brett at Bluegum clothing. He kindly donated specially made Hoodies which sold quickly and allowed us to raise funds for the trip. Bluegum has been PTCís provider of clothing from day one and a massive supporter. Brett has also trained at PTC, and is due to come back.

Wayne at Australian Barbell Company. Wayne kindly donated prizes to the value of $1000 for our Bench Press comp as well as a cash donation. ABC has provided equipment to PTC from day one. They have also looked after clients who have purchased bars and plates.

Rick at Australian Kettlebells. Rick provided used equipment for me to sell to raise funds for the trip. This sold out very quickly as his products have always been popular. Rick also gives a healthy discount to PTC clients, and has done for some time. Lots of my equipment at PTC comes from AK.

Adrian at Gym Direct. Adrian has been supplying equipment for PTC for around a year now. I am always in talks with Adrian about product development. Adrian is very open to suggestions and is keen to come out with the best product he can.

Sean Gallagher, Vicki Jewson, Sussy and Wayne. These guys put their hands in their own pockets and donated money, without their generosity, the trip would not have been possible.

Everyone that has trained at PTC or purchased clothing and programs. Thank you.

Now the trip.

Sean took a day off work so he could run us to the Airport. We would never expect anything less from Sean. Our flight had us going to Sydney first, a delay we couldíve done without, but we booked so late we had no option.

We left Melbourne at around 5.30pm on Monday and finally landed in LA at around 6.00pm on Monday. First stop after picking up our car was the Firehouse Cafť in Venice Beach. Nina and I ate there 20 years ago, nearly to the day, on our honeymoon. Itís located near Golds Gym in Venice and serves bodybuilding food as well as hamburgers, of which I had plenty. We then made our way to Golds, where Max had his photo taken with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Will Harris.

Next stop was a motel nearby on Rose Ave, not a place Iíd recommend, we slept fully clothed on top of the covers. We woke at 6.00am, we were at Golds at 7.00am, Max did a light session, and then it was off for breakfast at the Firehouse again. We left LA around 8.30am.

Our next stop was St George in Utah. St George is the second fastest growing city in the States. Itís a very new city with around a dozen shopping plazas. We stayed at the Hilton Gardens, which was amazing. That night we went to the pictures. Something I found really funny was the sign saying ďPlease leave firearms outside the cinemaĒ. Only in America.

We left first thing in the morning and arrived in Idaho Falls around 7.00pm on Wednesday night. The whole drive took around 15 hours. So we flew for 15 hours and drove for 15. Next year Iíll make the drive in one hit so we get to the comp venue a day earlier.

Max had weigh in on Thursday morning. He weighed in at 79.5kg, easily making the 82.5kg cut off. The comp was being held at the Hilton Gardens in Idaho Falls, a beautiful hotel in a very scenic city. Idaho Falls is an extremely picturesque setting, a perfect place for a comp.

The Hilton Gardens hotel is majestic, the best place Iíve ever stayed at. It provided accommodation for competitors at just $99 a night, for that you got 2 queen sized beds, making it very affordable.

Max was due to lift at 10.00am on Friday morning, and he still hadnít recovered from jet lag. He still couldnít stomach breakfast, but I made him drink a serve of Muscle Milk, the only food intake he had till the comp was over. Instead of upsetting his stomach, I didnít force the issue. He really ran out of steam at the end of the comp.

He opened with an easy 160kg squat. He had originally selected 165kg, but was nervous, so we dropped the weight. His best competition squat is 170kg, made at the States and Nationals. Due to the fact this was Maxís 4th comp in 4 months, and only 3 weeks after our National Titles, his training had been severely disrupted. No using whinging, we simply did what we had to do. He finished with a 172.5kg squat, his best effort in completion.

During the warm up with the bench press, we had some issues with the pounds plates in the warm up area. Most of the American and Canadian competitors donít understand kilograms, so there were pound plates, which confused Max. We got that sorted and Max made a 107.5kg bench. His best is 110kg, and when he failed that lift really high, I knew we were in trouble. Maxís lockout is his strength, he doesnít miss lifts that high.

Going into the deadlift, Max had a 5kg lead. I was pretty sure he only had one good pull in him, so he opened high with a 210kg deadlift, his completion best is 220kg. He made the 210kg, missed his next at 215kg and didnít bother with a 3rd attempt. He missed 215kg above his knees, again his strength. He has rack pulled 320kg from his knees, so he was spent.

It was 2.30pm and he hadnít eaten since 8.30am, over 6 hours. Getting to LA on Monday morning at 8.00am and driving straight through to Idaho Falls, getting there around 10.00pm on Monday will be the plan next year, giving him a couple of extra days to acclimatize. He got away with it this year, but his total was less than at the Natís 3 weeks earlier.

Still, he came here to win, not set PBís which he can do back home, and he came home with the bling.

Now, anyone reading this, I canít recommend this trip and comp enough. Mike and Linda Higgins will do anything for any lifter. Their concern is always for the lifter. They are unbelievably generous and friendly. We will always support any comp they ever promote. We have already started saving for next year. The equipped Worlds will be in Idaho Falls in September, and theyíre hoping to combine the Raw Worlds with it. We will know in November, I really hope they get it.

The venue, the promoters and competitors were top notch. I canít imagine a better setting.

Amy Jackson runs the WPC. What an amazing lady. She is never flustered, always smiling, and if every federation was run by someone like Amy, the Powerlifting world would be a much better place. She stays totally in the background, never overpowering, yet 100% supportive of every lifter, and will do anything to make a lifters experience better.

I really canít say enough about Mike, Linda and Amy, they made this comp and trip unbelievably enjoyable.

There were lots of other characters that made this trip fun. Sean ďZillaĒ from House of Pain is an amazingly generous individual. What he did for Max, the guys back home and myself will never be forgotten by me. His website is www.hardcorepowerlifting.com
I strongly urge you to get your Powerlifting needs from Sean, a more honest supportive character in our sport you will struggle to find. House of Pain is also the best clothing line for powerlifters I have ever seen, I brought back heaps. Thanks Sean, your PTC shirt is on the way.

Big Mason. How the fuck does an 18yo get to 159kg? He carries this weight so well. He is double Maxís size, go to Maxís Face book and check out the pics. Mason and Max really hit it off, so much so that Mason is coming to Australia in February and staying at my place. He took us out to dinner at Applebyís one memorable night.

Jon and Geri Cunningham. John was a judge and Geri ran the scoring table and big screen. John is a World Record holder in the BP as is Geri. She weighs 44kg and has benched 120kg, equipped. Max and she have made a deal, heíll lift equipped if she does a full 3 lift meet. I spent lots of time listening to John. He is a very good teacher and exponent of the bench press. His teaching method is basic, no bullshit. He has benched around 245kg @ 82.5kg equipped, so he knows what heís talking about. His daughter Geri is only 18, but she will set some amazing records before she is done.

The Russian Mafia. It was fun just watching these guys go about their business, they spoke very little English and they kept to themselves. They were massive. Max had some pics taken with these intimidating Ruskies.

Phil and Shanda Turner. Really nice, friendly Powerlifting tragics. They are from Montana, where Phil runs his own shows. Phil and his son both lifted, while their other boy was home playing with his new girlfriend. Hopefully Ryan joins Sheyden and Phil next year.

Gordon and Sandee Santee. These 2 travel the world for Powerlifting. Those in Australia that have been involved in the sport for decades will know Gordon. He knows Adam Coe and Laurie Butler, having competed here decades ago. He is in his 60ís and sharp as a tack. He judges, lifts and writes in PL USA. He also has every issue of PL USA. Picking his brain was a wonderful experience.

The Canadians. My oh my can this group lift. Jay Nera, Willie Albert, Greg Doucette, Glendy Randall and John Wolbers. All 5 are exceptional lifters and set the place alight.

John King. This nugget is an absolute gentleman. He is around 5í4Ē and 90kg, ripped. He MCíd most of the comp, was booked to lift in the masters and open, till he tore a muscle in his arm on his final deadlift. One of the nicest guys we met on our trip, as well as one of the strongest and owner of an awesome physique.

There are plenty I have forgotten, sorry. I will now talk about some of the lifting that impressed me most.

Jay Nera. Jay is from Canada and lifted in the 100kg class. He ended up with 837.5kg, via 310/207.5/320kg lifts. He also made what looked like a good 330kg deadlift but was red lighted by the judges, I have posted up footage on our YouTube channel, you guys make up your own mind. Jay is one of the best athletes I have seen. Olympic style squat, no arch on his bench, conventional deadlift. He simply uses brute strength. He is the best raw powerlifter I have seen.

Milostnoy Stanislav from Russia entered the BP only section. At 75kg he benched 185kg, and then missed 192.5kg twice. He managed to lock one of them out, but was red lighted for uneven extension. That is one of the best efforts I have ever seen on the bench press.

Glendy Randall lifted in the 67.5kg class, she is a junior. This girl is super strong. She ended up with 127.5/82.5/172.5 total 382.5kg. She is light years off any girl we have lifting raw in Australia. She also made a 4th attempt 87.5kg bench. Strong.

Iryna Piatrovich from Belarus was even stronger. At 67.5kg and 26yo, she went 145/115/190kg and a 450kg total. This is absolutely stunning lifting.

Greg Doucette at 90kg Ė 255/228.5/307.5 for 790kg, unbelievable. He is also a National level bodybuilder in Canada, having competed 45 times. Best physique there and also won best lifter in the Open class. Not a bad double.

John King at 90kg, sub masters. How about 257.5/197.5/240 for 695kg. I know he wanted 700kg, he made a 4th attempt bench of 202.5kg, tore a muscle in his elbow region as he was locking out a 250kg deadlift and missed a 275kg 4th attempt squat. He will make 700kg raw in the sub masters soon. He is good for 730kg, all things going well.

Willie Albert was the most colourful lifter at the meet. Also one of the strongest. Willie lifted in the 82.5kg class, 245/170/310 for 725kg total. He also made a 330kg deadlift which was turned down, check the footage. I canít wait to see this guy lift again, we need characters like Willie in the sport.

John Wolbers from Canada, 62 years old, 100kg, 182.5/150/242.5kg for 575kg. He made a 4th attempt bench of 152.5kg and a 4th attempt dead of 245kg. Very , very strong, irrespective of age. Gives James something to chase. John was impressed by our no belt rule. He said he will be competing without one in the future.

Lynne Boshoven is 53 years old and a legend in the sport. She competed in the 82.5kg class and went 137.5/107.5/212.5 and 457.5kg. Amazing numbers.

Mason Kaiser, at 18 and 159.9kg benched 177.5kg, which is obviously a WR, but he was hoping for more. He missed 182.5kg (400lbs), heíll get it next time. He has an injured foot, keeping him out of the 3 lift meet, thought heíd set a WR anyway.

Dawn Maroscher benched 82.5kg weighing 61kg, that is a stunning bench press from a 42 year old lady. Dawn has a sensational figure, one that would attract any lady wanting to take up our sport.

Victor Malyugin from Russia, 20yo lifting in the 140kg class weighing 129.5kg only, went 270/232.5/300kg and 802.5kg. Not bad for a young man. Benching over 500lbs as a 20 year old raw is incredibly impressive.

There were many, many other impressive lifters, Iím not going to write about all of them.

I have started posting videos on our YouTube channel, I will keep adding till I get all 100 up, check them out here


I will soon start uploading pics on our website, I took hundreds. Check them out here, they should start appearing in the next few days


Thank you for reading, and if I have forgotten someone or something that happened, I apologize.




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