APF Compliance w/WPC Rules -- Note to APF Officials

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APF Compliance w/WPC Rules -- Note to APF Officials

Post  Mike McDaniel on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:52 pm

No one (including APF Officials, State Chairpersons, Meet Promoters) at any APF sanctioned meet has the authority to choose to, or direct others to do other than required (example could be shorts instead of singlet, socks instead of shoes, etc.) or allowed (examble could be water or oil on legs instead of powder, etc.) in the WPC rulebook.

If someone asks you to to do other than required or allowed in the WPC rulebook, respectfully decline.

If a lifter approaches the platform with a violation and justifies it as having been approved by the Meet Promoter or State Chairperson, apologize to the lifter for them having been misinformed, and ensure compliance with the WPC rules.

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